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Why you'll love RIXI

RIXI helps you save time & money, while you focus on important business decisions.

Keep track of progress

Though RIXI Project module you can monitor and track the progress of your schedule easily. Monitoring your project can generally be broken down into stage and costing wise job schedule, reviewing and tracking project progress. Variances from the original plan (or baseline) are identified and managed to keep the project within scope, on time, and within budget.

Reduce material wastage

RIXI encourage and enable businesses and consumers to be more efficient in their use of materials and suggest recycle more things more often. This helps to minimize material wastage, reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment. In a word stay Green with RIXI.

Manage workers efficiently

Improper management of workers can cause upwards costs, risks and reduce productivity. RIXI provides flexibility for anyone to keep track, Payment & manage their employees at remote locations at multiple project sites. RIXI will log their work sessions. Never worry about wasted time again!

Stay within budget

Do you arrive at year-end wondering where your money went? Creating a budget is the key to meet your financial and savings goals, but the real trick is to stay within the boundaries of your budget. RIXI will make you understand the connections between your budget, your Project plan and your market.

Stay updated

No matter what you do, where you are. RIXI will keep on updating you the latest progress about the project, Deal won by your sales force, Current status about your Inventory/ stock or any cash flows. So now you won’t miss anything whether you are busy with your meetings or been for a long vacation.

Keep customers informed

Customers are the lifeline of any business, and it is important to keep patrons by avoiding or minimizing customer dissatisfaction. RIXI keep on updates your valuable customers of their flat possession status in real time. In a word, you can make better cordial relationship with RIXI.

and there's more ..

Data is safe

Your data to be protected by user name and password which is to be 256 bits encrypted SSL Protocol and also you will get the backup facilities with RIXI. Store as less as you can, save more money as you can and protect every single data of your business. This is the only assurance what RIXI gives all of its valuable customers.

Access anytime, anywhere

Employees can work from any location with no separate software license required. So permanent accessibility at any time. By providing on-demand access to applications and resources anywhere, RIXI offers businesses significant cost savings, operational scalability, and an accelerated time to market. Now you can “go mobile” and work on projects anywhere.

No upfront cost

No hardware cost, No installation cost, No integration fees, and No Maintenance cost. With a subscription based model, no capital expenses are required to kick off projects. Companies can start small, with virtually no up-front costs, and then scale up as business needs dictate. RIXI will reduce significantly your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). So, Say bye to all Upfront cost!

Free updates

RIXI will keep on automatically up to date as a free of cost. So you will always be with the most up-to-date and latest version of the software. You need not to always pay attention and even you don’t need to lift your single finger for any of the updates. So you will always stay one step ahead from your competitors.


Dashboard & Reports

RIXI’S stylish dashboard gives you a quick and easy overview of current project status. Using this smart dashboard, you can identify those projects which are on track and those that are behind. The RIXI reports promote simple, fast & powerful report creation. So now reporting can be done within a minute instead of hourly.

Instant Alerts

The RIXI’S Instant alert service allows you to be notified instantaneously should any of your field workers require assistance. The RIXI alerts to manage your project job costs, workforce scheduling and time management processes.

Estimation & Planning

The RIXI’S cost estimation ability to determine in advance which projects would likely run into cost, schedule or resource overruns. With the use of RIXI planner you can plan each and every stage of your project and the duration of a project needed to be completed.

Workforce Management

Through RIXI you can take control of your workforce and increase productivity. It will take care of your entire category of human resources for their deployment to payments and work completed activities. Now managing workforce become so simple with RIXI.

Daily Logs

The Daily Log presents powerful information organized the way that you work. And, because its Internet enabled it can be reviewed from anywhere, no need to fax or take a print copy of the pages of the book all over the country. The RIXI’S daily log can help you to understand what you've actually done for the day in comparison to what you had planned for the day.

Payments & Accounts

The RIXI allows you to pay and transfer money to your supplier or employees account online without any risk of theft or any hassle. The RIXI allows you to create any financial accounts so that you can use the accounts to deposit and spending purpose and also gives you the flexibility to track the accounts.

Multiple Locations

RIXI Inventory allows you to track inventory in multiple locations. As your business grows and expands into multiple warehouses. You need to be able to monitor inventory levels in each of your locations. Doing this, helps you to make the best use of your resources and avoid stockpiling products in one place while running dry in another.

Custom Units

Setting custom unit of measure correctly is vital to the proper functioning of the Inventory software. The most common problems where the wrong Unit factors in the materials or differences between units of measure for the same product from different distribution Centers. RIXI gives you the freedom to customize any kind of units for any kind of materials you use in your construction.

Order Management

RIXI allows you to track outstanding orders, manage up to date stock position and always inform you the current Order position in the Inventory. So that user can avoid stock pilling or run dry of stocks.

Forecast Materials

A demand forecast is a central piece of operations of any modern construction company. RIXI allows you to forecast future inventory requirements and avoid seasonal fluctuations. Thus RIXI ensuring that forecasting matches the natural curve of your business demand.

Daily Usage

The RIXI’s Daily Usage feature notifies the user’s day to day fastest & slowest moving material usage. Now with RIXI you always get to know which are the materials are most essential requirements for day to day of your construction projects.

Wastages & Damages

RIXI’S accurate estimation of material requirements at the start of a project. The real estate companies have been able to understand what their wastage rates are and subsequently, be able to take action to reduce them.

Purchase Requests

Now your inventory manager no need to burn extra calories while raising any purchase request as RIXI makes his job so easy. RIXI manages the Create-Approve-Send-Receive request process. It’s simple & easy to use with inventory details and RFQ number.

Compare Quotations

RIXI gives you a niche feature like quotation comparison while purchasing any materials or services. Thus with this feature you can win the best deal, vendors or suppliers.

Purchase Orders

With RIXI you will get the maximum flexibility for creating and sending purchase orders so you can get more spend under management. You no longer have to worry about how you get purchase orders or what format they're in. RIXI handles them all.

Price History

Price history is another major part of RIXI. RIXI will show you every product price variation over time for each of the three price types, as well as the high/low/average prices. So, choosing the right price for any product become so easy with RIXI.

Supplier Management

The Right Suppliers Ensure Your Company Delivers. With RIXI you can select and manage the most reliable suppliers to protect your business against risk and prevent business disruption. Stay on top of all the factors that impact a supplier’s ability to deliver – financial, environmental, and political.

Supplier Portal

The RIXI allows a supplier to log in to the purchaser’s systems to view and update the information they need to ensure delivery of the right product at the right time. Also RIXI’s supplier portal is a secure, proprietary system for managing and communicating with third-party suppliers of goods and services.

Leads & Enquiries

RIXI gives you the flexibility to convert your product’s inquiry into valuable leads. In RIXI CRM, lead management is a powerful solution to tracking leads through their entire life-cycle.

Quotations & Payments

Through RIXI CRM create, track, E mail quote and revise and republish quote at any time. The Payments module helps you to accept online payments. With RIXI now can be able to collect payments from your customers.

Deals Pipeline

RIXI software that gets you organized deals pipeline. Helps you focus on the right deals. So easy to use that sales people just love it.

Follow ups

RIXI’S Follow Up feature is the smarter way to manage appointments, projects, to-dos and more. As a Follow Up focuses on contact based activities, it’s beautifully streamlined and simple to use.

Project Status Alerts

RIXI CRM can actively trigger project status alerts when unfavorable conditions arise and provide integration with a variety of back-office systems.

Website Widgets

Through RIXI widget you will always be updated with latest project availability and completion status. You can use dynamic widgets to engagement to your site, aggregate your content, increase brand awareness, and grow your audience.

Bank & Cash Accounts

With an increasingly globalized and complex economy as well as higher compliance demands, the management of corporate bank accounts has become complex. The RIXI allows you to manage hassle free banking transaction & transfer details in a very effective and easy manner. So with that you can track all the banking activities.

Journals & Ledgers

The RIXI’S general ledger helps you to avoid making careless errors in financial reports, to track financial purchases and to provide evidence of the company's transactions. The RIXI’S general ledger is a summary of all of the transactions that occur in your company. Also it’s very easy to create a journal. Only enter debit and credit entries in the appropriate accounts. That’s it. You are done.

Quotations & Invoices

Creating invoices & quotation never been easy and time saving without RIXI. You create invoices, can print, email directly to clients for faster payment. The reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts.


Pay a Bill in few clicks. Just select the customer to whom you want to send a bill. All the required fields will be automatically filled. Simply select the products you want to add to the bill. All the calculations will be done automatically.

Income & Expense

With RIXI you can enter, view, analyze all aspects of your income & expenditure, thus enabling you to control your finance at all time. You can enter details of income & expenditure together with an unlimited number of banks. Thus enabling you to analyze in detail just what you have spent, where your money goes, and who gets it.


Create any kind of financial report like balance sheet, General ledger, Accounts Transactions and many more in a few clicks and presents it in an easy-to-read format. So business users can stay informed, make better decisions and stay one step ahead in financial matters.

Coming soon

Post-construction project maintenance features coming soon.

Plans & Pricing

On-cloud subscription or On-premises hosting

  • Premium

    per month
    • Upto 2 Projects
    • Upto 5 Users
  • Professional

    per month
    • Upto 5 Projects
    • Upto 20 Users
  • Enterprise

    per month
    • UNLIMITED Projects
    • UNLIMITED Users
  • Custom

    • Customisation
    • Private Hosting


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Projects" limitation?

It refers to the number of active projects that can be managed in the software.
Old (completed or cancelled) projects do not count for this limitation.

What is "Users" limitation?

It refers to the number of users who can access the software.
Each user can be assigned different roles & access levels.

Can I upgrade / downgrade plans?

Yes. You can upgrade anytime during the contract period at pro rata basis
or downgrade while renewing the contract.

Will you customise the software?

Yes. We offer customisation in the CUSTOM plan.
Please contact us to discuss.

Where is my data stored?

In on-cloud subscription plans, your data is stored in our secure servers.
In the CUSTOM plan, you can optionally have your on-premise server.

Can I host it in my office?

Yes. In the CUSTOM plan, you can host your on-premise server.
Please contact us to discuss.

What is "Private Hosting"?

Private hosting refers to either a private cloud hosted in our datacenters
or hosted in a on-premise server at your location.

Will I get new updates?

Yes. All plans are eligible for software updates & technical support.


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